Get Confident in Your Marketing
A lot of small business owners are confident in the services they provide, but not in their marketing. That’s where we come in.

Hi, I’m Lauren Maddox, Owner and CEO of Maddox Marketing Co. After 15 years in the marketing industry, I launched this agency to provide small business owners with strategic marketing tactics to connect them with their target audience, generate leads, and ultimately build confidence in their digital marketing, website design, and brand identity.

Lauren Maddox

"The best way to spot a fake is to become intimately familiar with the real deal."

– Steven Furtick

Our Top Traits

We’re all about marketing geared for people, but optimized for algorithms. So beyond creative and technical skills (and a few industry awards won!) our work is backed by these top traits:


15+ years in marketing, web design, and public relations provides a unique ability to bring the different aspects of marketing together in a cohesive strategy.


Beyond regular monthly reports or established project checkpoints, we value regular communication with clients to remain aligned with goals and expectations.


Integrity drives our daily decisions. Our team adheres to industry best practices and actual account data acquired to remain transparent in what we do and say.
Meet The Team

It takes a village to launch creative and successful marketing campaigns. Here’s a glimpse into the creative forces on the team at Maddox Marketing Co.

Lauren Maddox


Audrey Humphreys

Creative Designer

Kaitlyn Churchill

Marketing Coordinator

Gray Arnett

Marketing Intern
Heather Leong

Heather Leong

Web Designer
team member at maddox marketing co

Shantel Reiber

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