Questions You Might Have...

What can I expect to pay for marketing services?

What you pay will depend on the service(s) provided. However, we are upfront with pricing and work to maximize any budget. Any project we handle (whether one-time or ongoing month-to-month) will have predictable rates and payment terms. So there will be no surprises!

When can I expect results?

When will the leads start rolling in, right!? Some marketing tactics generate results fairly quickly, while others are more long-term strategies. Either way, we keep our eye on various metrics to monitor results. This question will be part of our initial conversation so that you can have clear expectations on what’s likely in your specific scenario.

What will you need from me or my business?

To launch a project or initially get started, you may find yourself with a small amount of “homework.” We might need access to certain accounts, logos, content, etc. But once we’re up and running, you’ll only need to make time for established checkpoints and reviews or approvals. (Those are usually more enjoyable since you’re getting a sneak peek into the finished product or seeing results!)

Do you have samples of work we can see?

Definitely! Please check out the Portfolio, which has several of our recent projects on display. We will also gladly share more about the marketing work we’ve completed during our Discovery Call or Road Map stage. Also, if you are trying to scope out a specific type of project or get some creative input for an idea you have, you can always contact us to chat directly.

Do you offer strategy or marketing plans for my own marketing team to implement?

Sure thing!  We can come up with a full marketing strategy or product launch plan that you can then take back to your own team to execute. We also offer small team trainings and implementation guidance for when roadblocks happen or questions come up.

I just have a quick marketing question...can you still help?

Yep! We want to help, and let’s face it, we love to talk marketing any chance we get! If you simply have a quick marketing question, you can book a free, no pitch Ask Me Anything 20-minute session. We’ll offer our best advice for your small business so you can move forward in confidence. Book your Ask Me Anything session.

stack of marketing books on couch
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

– Chinese Proverb

How We Help

Here’s the process we follow so that every client receives our creative best and the top marketing solutions for their business type and goals.

The Discovery Call
A quick chat helps us know the big goals for your small business! This is when we see if we'll be a good fit to help you move toward success. Bring your questions or concerns!

Create the Road Map
Our team crafts a custom proposal (like a road map) to shine light on the path to take to strategically and successfully achieve your goals. We'll present it to you and show you just how to get where you're headed.

It's Launch Time
Consider us the magic elves of marketing! We get to work, implementing the projects or strategies agreed upon. You're still very much in the loop with regular checkpoints, approvals, and reporting along the way.

Check Point: How's It Going?
If we don't measure, we won't know! We regularly evaluate our marketing tactics to see what's working, why it's successful, what's not working, and what we're going to do about it. Adjust as needed to keep the target in sight.

Expansion & Build
In some cases, this stage looks like a 'rinse and repeat' scenario as we continue to build what is already working well for your small business. For others, a strategic expansion will help you level up when that solid marketing foundation is in place.
Ready to Connect?

Let’s build confidence in your marketing with a strategic plan that connects you with your targeted audience. Are you ready to connect?