Why Brand Photos Are Essential for Small Businesses

Maddox Marketing Co November 15, 2022

When small business owners start building their websites, they typically buy generic stock photos. Stock photos give their website a professional touch, but they also make the website blend in with thousands of other websites in their industry. Some visitors will recognize the stock photos from other websites, implying that the business didn’t take the time to build their own photo library.

Instead of using stock photos, businesses can purchase brand photos that are made exclusively for their company. Visitors won’t find these photos anywhere else on the web. Businesses can use brand photos for web content, emails, flyers, newsletters and other materials, making them great small business marketing materials. They might require more investment up-front, but they improve the brand’s reputation–which results in more profits in the long run.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Photos?

Brand photos are a strong addition to a small business’s marketing strategy. Here’s a few of the benefits that businesses enjoy when they hire a photographer.

Brand Photos Showcase Their Products

Generic stock photos don’t allow businesses to highlight their products. If a visitor sees a photo online, they might be disappointed when they don’t find those products in the store. With brand photos, businesses can share vibrant, high-quality pictures of their products that practically make the sale on their behalf. They’ll make a great first impression and increase their sales by showing customers exactly what they offer.

Brand Photos Are More Professional

Major brands like Walmart and McDonald’s don’t have stock photos on their website. They use brand photos to grab the viewer’s attention, which sends the message that they’re a professional, established business that doesn’t rely on preexisting photos. Small businesses enjoy the same effect when they use brand photos. When customers see that they’ve invested in their business, they’ll have a more positive view of the company–which results in more sales and conversions.

Brand Photos Are Versatile

Generic stock photos tend to be specific to certain situations. When a business buys a stock photo, the image might only be suitable for one page on their website. Conversely, businesses can use brand photos for emails, newsletters, flyers, web content, social media posts and countless other marketing materials. While some brand photos are specific, others are general enough that the business can use them everywhere. This makes brand photos a much better investment than stock photos.

Brand Photos Increase the Website’s SEO

Images can play a role in the Google search rankings. If the Google algorithm notices that the website is full of stock photos, the search engine might rank the site underneath websites with original photography. With brand photos, the website could rank higher and attract a wider pool of customers. Combined with other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, the business’s website could climb to the top of the Google search rankings.

Brand Photos Showcase the Employees

With stock photos, it’s impossible to show the business’s location or employees on the website. A photographer could take pictures of the employees, giving a face to the brand name and making them seem more familiar to website visitors. If the business has a storefront, the photographer could snap pictures of the building to make it easier to find. They could also share pictures of the inside of the store so customers know exactly what to expect.

Overall, brand photos are one of the best investments that small business owners can make. They’re convenient, versatile and more professional than stock photos.

Ready for Brand Photos for Your Small Business?

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