Making the Most of Small Business Week

Maddox Marketing Co April 28, 2023

The Small Business Administration designated an entire week to simply recognize the achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are vital to our culture and economy and make an impact both on a national and local scale; therefore, they deserve to be celebrated! 

What Is National Small Business Week? 

National Small Business Week is a week-long celebration of small businesses in the United States, typically celebrated in May. This year, National Small Business Week is April 30 – May 6.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners are encouraged to celebrate their success and recognize the importance of their contribution to the economy. It’s a chance for public outreach and highlighting the importance of shopping locally.  National Small Business Week was created by the Small Business Administration in 1963. During this time, expect the SBA to offer even more extensive support as well as highlight businesses, too. 

Benefits of Small Businesses 

The benefits of small businesses are clear and significant, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine a society without the ability to prosper through independent business owners. 

  • Small businesses promote local economic growth and stability. They help keep money in the community and typically, small businesses also hire local people for local jobs.
  • Small businesses offer unique products or creative services that may not be available through larger companies.
  • Small businesses foster community identity as local shops become gathering places. 

Given that 2 out of 3 new jobs are created in the U.S. by small businesses needing help, small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

How to Celebrate National Small Business Week – as a Business Owner

If you have an entire week dedicated to YOU, then be sure to capitalize on it! 

First off, jump on the NSBW marketing train. Highlight this week as it makes sense for your business on social media, emails, or other marketing materials. It’s a great reason to offer a sale/promotion. (Sales pitches like “one week only” take on special meaning if they align with a holiday or a week-long celebration like NSWB.) It’s also a great reason to talk about your own business and services and why you began doing what you do.

Then, be sure to celebrate other small businesses in your local community. You can do this by making a purchase at a local small business, writing reviews or leaving positive comments on their social media pages, or pitching a collab between your business and another to better the impact for everyone. 

Lastly, take a moment to reflect on the business you have built. Being a small business requires a lot of hard work, tough decisions, a demanding schedule, and dedication to get the job done no matter what. But it also yields a deep sense of satisfaction and pride in the impact being made. Despite the many hats to wear and the many tasks to complete, be sure to recognize the value you bring with your small business.

How to Celebrate National Small Business Week – as a Consumer

Whether you own a small business or not, we’re all consumers. Here are a few ways we can all help celebrate the businesses around us this week:

  1. Purchase a gift card from a local shop. (gift cards are great for students graduating this month!)
  2. Start a “shop local” challenge on your social media. If anything, this is a great time to shout out your favorite local business!
  3. Offer to buy your coworkers lunch – and introduce them to a new local restaurant. 
  4. If you have a website or blog, write about a local business. Be sure to link to the website or social media page so people can explore more.
  5. Challenge yourself to order products from local businesses you haven’t used before
  6. Many schools, churches, and community newspapers highlight small businesses every month…consider nominating a small business in your local paper!

What’s Your Plan?

National Small Business begins on April 30. It’s not too late to get activities going for the week. When we support and celebrate small businesses, we can help ensure their continued success and growth in the future. So let’s do it!

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