Moving Offices? Be Sure To Update These Items

Maddox Marketing Co December 12, 2021

Moving your office location? Make sure your clients move with you!

If you are gearing up for a location change to your small business, be sure that your clients will be able to locate you after you make your move. This means updating your business address and contact info everywhere that it is listed.

We have gathered a list of 10 areas to review and update so your clients can find you in your new location.

  1. All Socials — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Many customers are looking to Social Media to find you. Be sure to update your address in your account information.
  2. Google My Business Listing — This is the info that appears on Google when someone searches for you; on the right side of the screen under the map.
  3. Email Signature — This is often overlooked, but it’s a quick update you should make to let your clients know where to find you. Remind anyone else that works with you to do this as well!
  4. Invoices — Update your address on your invoices. It’s important for bookkeeping purposes to keep your financial statements updated as well!
  5. Business Cards —Update these for everyone in your company. It’s a great idea to have these ready before the move so that you can start sharing them right away after the move as a reminder of your new location.
  6. Put notices on your social media — Create a few posts to let your followers know about your move. Ideally, do this a few weeks before; the week of; and following your move. The point is to give several reminders to your followers so that they don’t miss the fact that you have moved. 
  7. Website — Update the map or contact info in the footer of your website as well as the contact page. 
  8. Send an email to your actual client base — It’s important to contact people who may not go to your website. 
  9. Chamber of Commerce — If you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, be sure they know of your updated address so that they can refer potential customers to the right place. Same goes for any other organizations you’re a part of. Be sure to update any directories where leads come from online, too. 
  10.  The US Postal Service — This is an obvious but important place to update your business address. You don’t want to miss out on important mail being sent to you.

If you work with a marketing agency, be sure to let them know about your move so they can help update all of these important pieces of information for you on your current marketing materials, as well as any new materials that are produced in the future. 

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