Our Marketing Goals for 2022 – Mid Year Check-in

Maddox Marketing Co July 15, 2022

Ever wonder what marketing tactics a marketing agency focuses on…? As we’ve been growing our team and expanding our resources in 2022, we’ve opted to focus on these 5 areas in order to make the most impact. Now in July, we’re sharing our ’22 Marketing Goals and using this mid-year check point to keep us accountable! Here’s what we’re focusing on:

Increase Our Reviews

We work with a fantastic group of clients, each with varied needs and industries niches. Often, we have a very positive relationship with each, learning more about them and their businesses to make their marketing strategy succeed. Yet, we haven’t gotten in the habit of asking them to represent their experience with us in a review.

Reviews are one of the best ways to show what we do and who we serve. Moving forward, we’re going to include asking for reviews as part of our sales and project cycles. Part of this mission will be finding ways and tools for collecting reviews that we can use and recommend to our clients with confidence.

This will help increase our local visibility online as well. The more reviews we have from other businesses in Montgomery, where our office is, the easier it will be for other Texan businesses to find us. Sometimes, there’s no place like home, and we want our local communities to be able to find us and see what we do easily through our reviews.

Mid-Year Check In: We’ve almost doubled what we started the year with and have been proactive about asking our clients for their input, too. More to come on this for sure!


Consistent Social Media

This is another visibility win for our business, and it is also a great place to demonstrate our skills. You have heard a lot from us about social media: how to post regularly, create content ideas, and more. But we sometimes preach more on this than we get to practice! Until this year, that is. We are setting ourselves up to prioritize client care and maintain care of Maddox Marketing Co.’s social media needs, too.

We will aim to provide content that helps our audience gain confidence in their marketing through educational posts and showcasing what we do best. Soon, our pages will have more content you can count on!

Check-in: Still some room for growth here, but how do you like what you see so far! Our team has been keeping social media top-of-mind and finding our groove.


Grow The Team

We are a proud local business and want to serve our clients in greater capacities with a more robust team. Expanding will help us in a few ways.

First, it will ensure that we are readily available for local business owners who pop in to get to know us and learn about marketing strategy.

Second, we’ll have a chance to add more specialists to our team, expanding our capacity to serve our clients.

Third, we have experienced professionals that can help guide and mentor the next wave of marketers. This will allow us to give back to the marketing community by hiring new additions to the industry and helping them grow their skills.

Mid-Year Check In: We have! (And we’ll introduce our team soon on social media…They’re absolute rockstars!!)


Purposeful SEO

SEO is a vast, ever-changing aspect of marketing that needs undivided attention. We perform these practices so often for our clients and it’s important that our audience can find us easily and see our own site as a beacon of what SEO should be like.

Mid-Year Check In: Our monthly SEO goals are helping us stay on top of trends and adapt to the changing landscape…and it is a changing landscape for sure.


Create Opportunities to Educate 

As proud experts in our field, we want to help educate our community of growing, small business owners to create a marketing strategy they can feel confident in.

We are considering developing and implementing a social media training program to help small business owners learn the ins and outs of their social media marketing strategy. We’re also planning more resources for our clients who prefer to DIY some items and possibly even 1-on-1 tutorial type consultations when it makes sense.

Mid-Year Check In: We’ve started with a few 1-on-1 trainings to see how it feels for clients and our team, too.  And we will continue to develop the exact resources owners need and can depend on.


Less than 6 months left…

When we set these goals, we didn’t want to feel like we were creating tasks to complete because they felt like things we ‘should’ do. We set out to understand the current state of Maddox Marketing Co., find our top opportunities for growth, and understand the ‘why’ behind each goal.

We have been excited for these focus areas and now, with five and a half months left, we’re seeing fruits of our labor and anticipate the growth to follow!

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