The Power of an Opt-OUT EMail

Maddox Marketing Co January 5, 2022

The Power of an Opt-OUT Email

Email marketing often focuses on growing email lists and making it easy for audience members to OPT IN to receive campaigns. It makes sense — after all, the more subscribers you have, the more leads you’ll convert, right?

There’s a caveat. When consumers feel inundated with messaging, especially emails that miss the mark, they’ll likely disengage or unsubscribe altogether. So while it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes…sending an OPT-OUT email may be the best way to keep your audience primed to convert.

Here’s why:

Keeps The Recipients in Control

One of the biggest pain points associated with email marketing is recipients may find your emails intrusive or annoying, even if your content matches closely with their needs. 

Sending opt-out emails that allow members of your lists to have a say in the types or themes of the content they receive — now and in the future — puts them back in control of their inboxes. The result? You’ll see a decrease in unsubscribes on your campaign emails after sending an opt-out.

Shows You Care

While it may not seem like it at first, sending the option to opt out from selected lists is a great way to nurture your audience. 

Research shows that people want to invest in small businesses that show their personality. The best way to communicate this with your email marketing is to offer your audience members options to select the content they want to receive and the content they don’t. This shows they’re dealing with a brand that cares about their interests and wants to know what’s valuable to them.

Improves ROI

Fine-tuning your lists with opt-out emails helps you gain critical insights about your customers and target your messaging more effectively.

This strategy trims your list down to people who A, want to be there, and B, want to see a particular message. When you’re only spending your marketing budget on messaging to people who actively want to engage with your emails, each individual audience member will be more likely to open, click, and convert.

Should You Send An Opt-Out Email?

The paradox of the opt-out email is the perfect illustration of why email marketing for small businesses is not as simple as it seems from afar. We love a chance to show you why you can trust your next email campaign to Maddox Marketing Co.

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