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Small Business Social Media Support
Small businesses can easily get lost in the sea of social media. What to post? How often? How do we get noticed? Plus there’s new platforms popping up and elusive algorithms to contend with. The only constant in social media is change. However, for a small business, consistent, value-driven content and a solid social media strategy will result in big pay-offs.
  • Be consistent
  • Provide value
  • Nurture relationships
  • Build trust
  • Show your expertise
  • Stay relevant

Maddox Marketing Co. ensures businesses have consistent, value-driven content on their social media platforms. Our team can help by setting up your business account, crafting content, designing branded graphics, scheduling posts, and optimizing page settings for highest conversion.

What We Do

We provide consistent, value-driven content and a solid social media strategy to increase your brand visibility online. 

Account Optimization

The right touch to ensure social media profiles are optimized, professionally branded, and include relevant information

Consult on Platforms

Advise on the best platform(s) for your own personality, your business goals, and where your tops fans are sure to be hanging out

Content Ideation

Creative brainpower and content ideas to provide your followers with a mix of education, personality, authority, and helpfulness

Writing & Posting

Handling the management of your social media posts, so you always have consistent content approved, scheduled, and ready to post

Branded Graphics

Custom branded post graphics and engaging stock photos are used for each post to catch your followers eye as they scroll

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on your top posts and valuable platform insights to let you know what’s working and what needs some tweaks
Why It Matters
of browsers use social media to research products before they purchase
visit the brand’s website after they engage on social media
hours per day that users spend on social media per day

Educate & Entertain

Social media is a big part of our society. Use it to engage your followers through posts that educate or entertain. We provide strong, creative content based on the services you offer and the needs of your customer.

Consistency is Key

Our social media management packages ensure you have a routine presence on your platform(s), which the algorithms like and your followers prefer. We provide well-written, value-driven social media posts that are scheduled for you each month.

Keep Social Media Social

Social media is meant for being “social” and businesses should welcome comments, interactions, reviews, and conversations. When you engage, you build trust with your followers and reinforce those relationships.
“The only constant in life is change.”

– Heraclitis

Social Media Projects

We customize each project so it meets your needs, matches your brand, and achieves your goal. Here’s a few of the amazing projects we recently completed:

Have a Quick Question?

If you’d like input on a marketing project or have a quick marketing question, feel free to Ask Me Anything during a free 20-minute call. I’ll share my best marketing input so you can move forward in confidence. Click to book!