10 Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Event

Maddox Marketing Co October 21, 2022

You’ve spent time and hard work planning your upcoming event and creating a Facebook event is an exceptional way to spread the word, generate excitement, and bolster attendance. When you’re ready to share the event with your community, follow these 10 tips for small business event marketing to catch more attention, create a buzz, and ultimately, have a more successful event.


1) Use A Creative Name For Your Event

One of the simplest ways to optimize your Facebook event is to give it a clever name, one that is vibrant and easy to remember. Unique names create more interest and encourage attendees to share or talk about the event.


2) Write A Complete Description

Now that your event has a memorable name, make sure potential guests know what the event is all about. Add a thorough description, one that answers any questions potential eventgoers might have. And don’t skip the obvious details either! Be sure to include information about parking, special guests, and the event schedule.


3) Don’t Forget The Event’s Location

Naturally, you want guest to know where your event is located, but there’s another reason to include the location: Facebook’s algorithm! Events area automatically suggested to the public based on location, meaning if someone is in the area where your event is located, Facebook will most likely suggest the event to them. When you lock that event location in, you’re opening the door to attendees located near you.


4) Make It Eye-Catching

People see with their eyes first! When you use your logo, company colors, or an exciting photograph for your event, it conveys a sense of professionalism and generates excitement. Beyond that, the details included in your event’s image can compel people to attend with confidence that the event has been well-planned.


5) Tag With Keywords

Whether you’re creating an event for an open house or a holiday party, using relevant keywords to tag your event opens it up to a wider audience. It’s still important to provide a detailed explanation about your event’s purpose and activities, but tagging it with relevant keywords will increase the chance your event is found in a general search on Facebook or seen by people with similar interests.


6) Post Updates To The Events Page

THIS IS OUR TOP TIP! (So, if you don’t apply any other tips mentioned in this blog—but you apply this one, then you have hit an event home run!)

Posting updates to your event page is a powerful way to spread the message TO THOSE THAT WANT TO HEAR IT. Keep in mind that those who have liked your event are the ones who are most excited and therefore more likely to attend. Don’t ignore them once they’ve shown interest. Instead, treat them like your VIPs! Reward their loyalty with frequent updates that keep their interest, insider info to help them feel involved, or questions/polls to see what they might be hoping for.


7) Give Your Event a Boost

As you plan your event, it’s a good idea to set aside some of your budget for boosting your event through Facebook’s ad feature. Even a small budget can make an impact on a local scale. Boosting is an excellent way to make sure that your event spreads far beyond mutual friends lists.


8) Partner With A Co-Host

Looking to double the exposure?! Partnering with a co-host can do just that. When you partner with another business or local influencer, it adds that much more credibility. More than that, having two event hosts encourages cross-posting, and cross-posting grows your event’s reach.


9) Promote Your Event Outside of Facebook

While Facebook is a perfect event anchor, it’s important to take your event promotion outside of Facebook. Get creative with flyers, other social media pages, or your own website to spread the word. Pro Tip: In whatever marketing you do, always link people back to your Facebook event page. That way they will see all the updates and info and can join in on the social scene.


10) Frequently Share Your Event

Lastly, don’t forget to share your event to your main Facebook page often! Not everyone who follows your page will see the event, nor see every post you make about it. Frequent sharing is a courtesy to your own followers, so they don’t miss out on the exciting event you have planned.


Creating a Facebook’s event is a great way to spread the word and generate excitement. And these tips to optimize your Facebook event will attract an audience, get more interest for your event and help grow your event’s popularity.

Want support with your Facebook event or social media? Maddox Marketing Co. can help set up your event, create eye-catching graphics, manage the optimization process, and craft powerful posts. Connect with us here to see how we can help you!

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