Can Social Media Really Boost My Business?

Maddox Marketing Co April 4, 2023

The short answer is YES! But how much? Oh, let us count the ways…

Proves You Are Legit

With online bots and scammers creating fake businesses, consumers are double-checking that small businesses are legitimate. The easiest way to do that is to find your brand on their favorite social media platform. When they see a healthy profile full of past posts, a link to your website, and clear branding, they can tell you are a service provider they can trust.

Shows Your Values

Each brand has its own personality, and social media is the perfect place to show it off. Let your audience know what makes your brand unique and what the benefit of working with you is. For example, we’ve done this for Maddox Marketing Co. by posting a guide of the best places to take social media pictures around town. It gives us a chance to show our expertise, personality, and value all in one piece of content!

Demonstrates Your Knowledge

Educational posts are a valuable part of your social media routine. Teaching your audience about what you do and your industry shows expertise as well as reliability. When you have a backlog of posts on your feed that showcase your knowledge, audiences sees your value while gaining confidence in your services and abilities.

Showcases Your Work

Your audience wants a clear picture of what you do. One of the best ways to do that is to post about it! Write more in-depth posts about your services, repost positive customer reviews, and give them a peek at your portfolio. Showing proof of what you do gives potential customers a clear idea of what you do and makes them curious to learn more. Try using your services tab on Facebook and post some details there, too! It’s a great place to add more information on your offerings for easy access.

Increases Your Traffic

SEO loves the spotlight, and social media flips the switch. When you use social media to point back to your website by sharing your blogs, offers, and more – you create links that encourage customers to check out your online home and strengthen the backlinks to your site. Trust us, your SEO will reward you for it!

Kicks Off Your Networking

Social media is an excellent networking tool. When you are posting prime, educational content others will want to share, you are exposing your branding to a whole new group of potential clients and connections you didn’t have access to before. For an extra networking boost, add a link to your business profile on your personal profile to make it even easier to find.

Boosts Your Ranking

Social media is the perfect place for your customers to leave legitimate reviews. It’s easy for them to leave a review because they are already logged in! Not only does this show potential customers what it’s like to work with you, but it can help your SEO. If you connect your social media page to your Google My Business page, your reviews will show up on your Google page and boost your rank! Even if you don’t see your followers jump up quickly, don’t underestimate the heavy lifting social media is doing for your business. What you do with your social media can grow your business every day. All you have to do is utilize it.

For a small business, consistent, value-driven content and a solid social media strategy will result in big pay-offs. Explore how Maddox Marketing Co. supports our clients on their social media here.

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